The Ride of Our Lives

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

We are ready to go .. will someone tell the weather

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Are we ready? Well ... the bikes are all serviced and Tulip has had some advice on how to reduce her pannier weight (read she was totting a mini caravan ...)  Lara is back in superb shape after her accident last weekend. Pearl E still has a few idiosyncrasies that come with cult Italian gear sets that are good to look at, lovely to listen to, but always just a little unco-operative at times ... so we are ... gulp... almost ready.

We have done as the programme said  and taken it easy training wise this week and concentrated on readiness planning aka how can we fit all we need on the bikes without taking a back pack, as we don't have access to our (minimal) luggage during the day. You need to do this over a beer of course, using one of the 1000s of iPhone apps available. So that's what Pomme Anglais and I did, while Tulip was off doing real readiness activities. I know we are making this look easy but believe me it's difficult, with or without beer!!.

Here's a quick 300 mile itinerary re-cap:
  • Tuesday 8 May - stay overnight at Crystal Palace ready for the 5am rising the next day
  • Wednesday 9 May - London to Calais via Kent & ferry from Dover - 95 miles
  • Thursday 10 May - Calais to Abbeville - 75 miles
  • Friday 11 May - Abbeville to Beauvais via the Somme - 70 miles
  • Saturday 12 May - Beauvais to Paris - 60 miles
So far the weather is not looking kind. The forecast changes every few hours this time of year so there's always hope for sunshine.  It doesn't have to be warm, just fine and dry will do nicely thank you (if anyone with any weather magic is reading this little plea).

We intend to blog en route, if we are not sound asleep at 6pm every night that is ... so here we go .. wheeee ...