The Ride of Our Lives

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Today was information day for the ride

 Declan "our" project manager for our particular ride had advised us of the info day well in advance and chased us up to make sure we would attend if we could (even though he couldn't!!).   And ... yes Declan is Irish.  In fact, he's from Derry city in county Londonderry in the North.

 The three girls, once at the venue, thought it might be of the same quality and comfort level of hotels that we will experience on the actual trip itself ...
Kenny, who was leading the briefing, was clearly a chap of much experience in all aspects of cycling, including many times as tour leader of these London to Paris rides - which apparently is the most popular and most fun ride on the Skyline charity calendar.  One of Kenny's next outings is as leader of a top to bottom Great Britain that goes from Lands End (nice car park and hot dog caravans - Adele and I went there once for a car park circuit in the summer fog) to John O'Groats (obviously the Scottish porridge mecca) in May. Apparently he has a 75 year old chap that cycles 15 miles a day at 12 miles per hour signed up for the ride and he's confident he will make the 1000 mile trip.  I think he was trying to tell us that even "lardies" can make London to Paris but if you want to not be in pain and actually enjoy it then at least try and better Mr 75 years in the training department.... or suffer.

On day one we bike from London to Dover and then catch the ferry from Dover to Calais. There are supposedly no hills ... only "undulations" on this ride ... Dinner that night is one of the meals that are not included in the trip - well "hey ho" who would guarantee the food on a ferry anywhere in the world right !!!  Other than that we have fab food, loads of water stops, and hotels that we won't remember cos we'll be so tired.

 Apparently, we will also learn that we need to take very little in the way of clothing and footwear, as long as we can "rinse" things out and they will dry overnight.  Clearly by the time we actually get to Paris and the last day celebration we will be so tired/euphoric that we could be wearing the curtains from our room to dinner and that will be just perfect!!!

It's going to be a challenge ... but that's why we all signed up right!!!.  There will be beauty and libations along the way apparently and we will soon divide into our natural groups while riding (I have to admit that I am not actually sure what that means in reality but I have already asked my quota of questions).  We are all going to stay together while riding cos after all that's why we agreed to do it as a team right ... but dear reader why do I have this feeling it will be me holding PearlE and the as yet un-named steed (Dutch mare) outside the public loos regularly ....

So ... after the briefing Tulip and I climbed on Lara and Tulip's bike and headed off into the seriously inclement (ie spring rain constant downpours) but warm weather.  Suzanne climbed into her little sports car and whizzed off ... but hey ... after all it was her birthday ... happy birthday Suzy (aka Pomme Anglais) x

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  1. Hey .. I whizzed off to a long rehearsal with our Big Band preparing for our 1st gig next Sunday (26th Feb. please come along!) .. and if only I had a sports car like that in the picture. I dont think a 'W' reg Golf counts as a little sports car ..but then again, I am counting this as my 23rd birthday so who am I to comment. Demi Pomme ..