The Ride of Our Lives

Monday, 6 February 2012

Week 4 - 20 miles in the slush !

So we woke up yesterday to lovely snow on the ground, all pretty on the trees and in the park. But of course the training programme waits for no (snow)man/woman so I got the mountain bike out and set off, thinking that as the main roads had been gritted they'd be passable not just for cars but for me as well. 

Yes that was right, and I'm extremely glad that I'd put all my waterproof layers on including the booties, because as EVERY car kindly swung out to give me lots of space on the road, they duly sprayed me with the slush they were driving through to do it !! Such fun. Not.

Anyway after getting a face-full of dirty snow from a couple of vehicles, I decided that 20 miles was quite enough, and I would return home to toast my poor cold toes (yes, again!) in front of the fire for the rest of the day.

I have developed a theory about the cold toes - I think that the metal pedals transferring the cold to the metal click-in cleats in the bottom of the shoes then into my socks is what is mainly causing the freezing effect. So next weekend I shall put extra padding in that part of the shoe and scientifically test my theory.

So watch this space!

Tulip x

And by the way, here's a lovely photo of my dog Romeo pretending he is the top half of a snow man: 

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  1. try wrapping your feet in aluminum foil .. over your socks