The Ride of Our Lives

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

an Olympian effort ...

Well...  no ... not really ... but last Sunday David and I did ride several circuits of the Box Hill loop.  Pomme Anglais was on pain killers and still trying to get Pearl E on the indoor wind machine, while making muttering noises about having the NHS sue me on her behalf. Tulip had already done 76 miles the day before and had to go back to the real world of washing clothes - you cannot believe how much washing cycling creates and therefore why the on the ride "rinse and hang over night" makes me nervous.

Anyway I digress ... the Box Hill loop is part of the Olympic Cycling Road race route. The Olympic cyclists will ride around it nine times (yes nine!!) after they have ridden out from London via Wales and once they've done Box Hill they will ride ride back to London, via Scotland. A round trip of 84 miles.

Here's a link to a rather long You Tube video showing you the zig zag (aka loop) course, taken from a bicycle naturally, complete with cyclists sound effects. Box Hill Loop 

I watch it from time to time just to see how far I can get through it before I feel well and truly motion sick. It has made me realise that any plans I had of making a video of the actual ride from my bike are totally foolish and would only make my friends want to throw up.

On the first time up I passed a guy on a hybrid bike puffing away and I found enough breath (to look cool) and said "I don't know why I am doing this" and he said "me either".  About 20 seconds later he shouted out to me "I remember now why I am doing this now ... it's for a cup of tea and lots of cake"...

.... and yes I practised wiping the dog poo off my shoe ...

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