The Ride of Our Lives

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The itinerary for the ride ...

It's week 11 of the 16 week training programme and are we panicking ... are we what!!! Never ...just convincing ourselves that a chocolate break would be just the right thing this weekend, especially since a woman from Ghana told me just this very day the secret of how to eat chocolate and not only stay slim but to use it to help you stay slim.  I'm planning on it being my secret weapon in my quest to be popular ....

Anyway, I digress ... it's time now to share the itinerary - fresh off the Skyline events website .... I've added a little commentary of my own ...

 "Connecting two of the world's most chic capital cities the London to Paris bike ride is an
exciting charity cycle which any one can enjoy". ..well anyone prepared to put in 16 weeks quite hard training that is, and with the cash to invest in Sudocreme in the 10 litre bucket size 

Day 1: London to Calais
Our challenge begins bright and early from Crystal Palace heading south en route to the coast.  ...oh bright and early is like 6am after sleeping in a bunk in Crystal Palace that only a 6 stone teenager could find comfortable and if we miss the ferry then it becomes a biathlon 

Day 2: Calais to Abbeville
La belle France! Stunning picturesque countryside awaits us in northern France as we travel south. Fields and field of high pollen plants, but no animals, and zillions of tiny roads that provide limitless opportunities to get lost.  Poor old Abbeville was bombed almost completely to rubble during the second world war - but that does mean that the hotel we stay in will less than 60 years old which must be a plus surely

Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais
Our route this morning follows the river Somme out of Abbeville. Beauvais is twinned with Maidstone in Kent, and they are around the same age, like really old innit.  Maidstone has two railway stations and Beauvais has one so Maidstone appears to be better off.  However, I imagine that trains do a) run and b) run on time to Beauvais, not sure that Maidstone is so lucky

Day 4: Beauvais to Paris
Our final day of cycling and the big push to Paris ,our final destination.  "The big push to Paris" I am scared to even ask what that is code for ... Beauvais is apparently 49 miles (79 kilometres) from Paris by motorway. Presumably not too much further by cycle way.  It is apparently tradition to lift your cycle above your head and have your picture taken with the Eiffel tower in the background ... then they make you ride your bike back out to the outskirts of Paris where the hotel is ... that bit isn't shown on the itinerary is it !!!

Day 5: Paris to London
The day is yours to soak up the Parisian way of life and explore the city. Eurostar home, arriving at St Pancras. Read lay face down in the carpet and wonder if your legs (and other bits) will ever be the same again!!!  I am guessing we will also be wondering where all the Parisians are as May is what they refer to as a Gruyere month.  This means that there are lots of public holidays that fall on either a Tuesday or a Thursday so it's a month of 4 times 4 day weekends and only one 5 day working week ... oh la la

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