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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The cold toes are yet to be sorted!

So it's funny how you end up cycling along and writing the blog in your head! Today it was so grey and wintry and COLD, that I thought I was going to write about how my new silk balaclava, sock liners and glove liners saved the day and really made the difference between enjoying a 30-mile ride or not. But in the end, I'm going to write about how the balaclava and glove liners were brilliant, but the poor sock liners just didn't cope with the COLD! My toes and feet were frozen for 30 miles, that is NO FUN. However I have a plan - devised as I thawed out in my hot bath with epsom salts to detox my muscles. The plan consists of extra thick socks and I'm going to try my neoprene waterproof booties to see if they cut the wind-chill factor.

Anyway, the Sustrans National Cycle Route 12 took me as far as Hatfield today. Here's the proof, and the clever gateway they have used to get your bike through:

I am very grateful to Sustrans for having sorted out this route, it's nice to have some time off the road, and going through woods. 
Next weekend the bike and I will go a little further along this route and see where we get to.

And thank you SO MUCH to all those wonderful people who have donated and got me to the target amount so I can go on the ride to Paris on the arranged date - THANK YOU ALL !!!

Happy Cycling!
Tulip xx

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