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Friday, 27 January 2012

What do you for punctures then ...???

... well in the words of Tina, "the famous hedge cyclist" ... "Men - they live for punctures". So we took her advice and decided to find some to show us how to deal with punctures and basic maintenance stuff.  I must say however, that my workmate Brian actually volunteered before I could ask.  I think it was the look of anguish on my face when he said "so do you know how to change a tyre then" that made him take pity on me. We did that thing you do when you are having a maintenance tryst at work .. and went to the car park  ...and got Brian's bike out of his car, plus a spare wheel, and took them into the foyer so the lesson could commence.

Needless to say I learnt a huge amount of the key stuff you need to know from Brian, which was absolutely invaluable.  The most important first step is apparently to stare intensely at the tyre so it knows it needs to change!!! Other helpful hints included Brian trying to blow up my brain by explaining to me gear sets and ratios, and how everything is a calculation based on the size of the Penny Farthing front wheel.

The next night Suzanne and I went to an Evan Cycles maintenance course which we had pre-booked a long time ago. Ryan took us through the basic paces really well with some good tips and all for free!!. The ubiquitous "multi tool" seems to be the perfect advertising vehicle cos every cyclist needs one. We also got to look at and fondle some very nice bikes and see a chain de-greasing device in operation.  I thought it was fabulous!! Then I looked at the bright pink de-greaser stuff you put into it and was reminded of the time Mal's sister Gaylene was working in a restaurant and got the pink floor cleaner mixed up with the raspberry cordial flavouring and 13 people finished up in hospital ... hey why were they all in the same cupboard I ask!!  But I digress .. yes punctures ... DON'T bring em on!!!
Oh and a tip from Brian (so basic when you know it, but really embarrassing when you don't) ... when taking off your pedals, the left pedal has a left hand thread!

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