The Ride of Our Lives

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Let's start some training then ...

I'd finally downloaded the recommended 16 week training programme from the Skyline website. Using the calculator on my trusty iPhone, I subtracted the number of weeks from today until the ride and went into a mild panic .
There was nothing for it  ... I texted Gill (fellow Kiwifruit) to see if David (her hubby and also fellow kiwifruit) will take me for a serious spin around Richmond Park.  After all it's a cyclist training ground isn't it and I can pick up some tips by just watching them ..right!

Great plan right .. and the day dawned fine and sunny, as have most days in London since about 8 September 2011 (but who's counting, and btw there's nothing wrong with a genetic weather obsession anyway!!). So, we headed off on what was supposed to be a serious workout and it was!! The park was beautiful - covered in the first frost weve seen in London this winter, full of the free ranging deer.  And it was freezing!!!.  My feet were officially frozen part way into our first lap and I looked on with envy as the "real" cyclists went past me wearing scuba diving boot thingies over their shoes ... see comfort and warmth triumphs over style in the "sad git world" everytime.

Did I pick up any tips from observing other cyclists on the ride ... well perhaps if they had gone a little slower when they were overtaking me I might have had a chance, but for now ... no!.  oh except the cornering thing .. but I am not going to tell you that just yet!!

However, we did follow the training programme which recommended rehydration and eating as soon after your ride as you can. We went to a gastropub in Barnes called the Brown Dog. It's a very dog friendly pub that's well rated by the foodie mags.  As we were about to enter David said to me "I am hoping that we won't have a repeat of the projectile vomiting poodle incident we had last time" ...

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