The Ride of Our Lives

Monday, 2 January 2012

The most important part of the challenge .. new bikes

We have all committed ourselves to the ride from London to Paris, and sealed the deal by spitting on our palms and shaking hands.  Well actually more like clinking our wine glasses together ... Then the thought occurs to us - we can't do this on our current bikes.  A trek mountain bike, a road bike whose twin must still be on the Ark (weren't there 2 of everything on the Ark) and a Boris bike/tank. New bikes were required, and soon!

It was surprising to find that the quoted cost of the bike was actually just the frame and the "finishing kit" included wheels, seat, gear sets, handle bars and peddles.  As the money mounted it up it was tempting to consider just carrying the frame to Paris.

After much looking we chose our steeds - 2 Condor Italias - one in All Black colours, one white in surrender colours, and a Giant in go fast colours. Here's a picture of one of the Condors with her first test riders on board. 

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