The Ride of Our Lives

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

and now we try and get insurance

Well, like any adventure into insurance land, we always knew this would be fun didn't we!!!  For starters you need a "U" lock that is saw proof, bomb proof and dog pee proof. Naturally, these locks are all tougher than the "immovable object" you must attach it and the bike to via the bike frame - even when indoors about trust the flatmates or the kids!!  I don't know if you've ever thought of this, but there's not much inside your apartment that qualifies as "immovable" in insurance terms" - suggestions anyone?

All this is of course necessary should any thief get through the Fort Knox approved locks that you naturally must have on every exterior door, especially with your "cost conscious" slum landlord in charge of that department. It's slowly dawning on me why Berbers, Laplanders and other nomadic types don't have bicycles ... well, that and the sand or snow I guess.

This U lock is an ABUS, as is the wheel loop, and they are from Germany, so clearly well designed and will do what it says on the label. The U lock has an electronic lock thingie that glows blue in the dark.

I am sure that will come in handy when we are lost in a forest somewhere on a long ride and need to lock the girls up ...  not that a tree qualifies as an "immovable object" in insurance terms you know!

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  1. Insurance companies are the same the world over